Arduino Projects

I've had an interest in electronics and programming from an early age, but until recently had never really put the two together. Last Christmas I received an Arduino UNO as a present, and for the first time was able to write code that made real stuff happen, from simple things like making an LED blink, to more practical projects such as building a Sous-Vide cooker and controlling my central heating using a radio transmitter! That's not to say the code I write in my every day job doesn't do 'real stuff', but there is something special about seeing the direct physical effects of code that I wrote executing on a tiny chip right in front of me.

The Arduino makes it super easy to connect up hardware components and tell them what to do, which is one major advantage over boards such as the Raspberry PI, which require a fair bit more set-up and configuration before you can begin talking to arbitrary hardware perhipherals through the GPIO pins. The Arduino does have somewhat limited memory and processing speed (16MHz), but for most hardware projects this is not an issue.

In the next couple of posts I'll go into details about some of the Arduino projects I've been working on.